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A Spoonful of Sugar


― Lucille Ball


Olenko’s Raw Carrot- Blueberry Float 

Carrot Juice:

organic carrots

organic apple

organic orange

organic ginger

organic lemon

Raw Blueberry Ice Cream:

1 cup raw cashews

2-3 ripe bananas

1 cup organic blueberries

3 dry dates

1/2 cup pure water

Mix all in the Vitamix or high speed blender. Pour in the glass container and freeze it for 4 hours or overnight. When ready to enjoy the float serve with fresh made carrot juice and blueberries and mint on the top. So yummy : ) enjoy


I’ve put off posting this until now because I’ve not known what to say.  I still don’t really, but knowing or not, it’s about time.  I’m running, walking, or hobbling my way in the Komen Race for the Cure this Sunday.  

Partly, it contextualizes this experience for me, setting my own alongside those of some of the many, many other people affected by breast cancer, both those who have fought it and continue to fight it, and their loved ones who suffer the ups and downs with them.  Partly it’s a way to keep fighting, to promote the early detection that can be so crucial in saving lives… and hopefully also to hasten the day when no one else need suffer from it.

If you want to make a donation to the Komen foundation in support of my run, you can do so at the above link.

Thanks, and best wishes,


blueberry muffin cookies


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Jellyfish City by El Justy on Flickr.

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